The dog ate my gingerbread house

Murphy dog probably developed his fondness for sweets grazing on Alaskan blueberries
Bran, Grandma Kris, Sawyer and Caleb doing gingerbread houses
We did gingerbread houses this year. The boys love to do them and this year we had Grandma Kris to help! Yes, we brought in 'a ringer'. For weeks Caleb would see a food item or candy and ask if he could put it on his creation. He was a little obsessed by it (...wonder where he gets that from). I think Sawyer was more interested in eating his, although he was getting pretty bossy with Grandma when she would put the frosting in the wrong spot...."Not there Grandma, right here (and it would be a millimeter off from where she put it). He is a detail guy. Kris and I did a Christmas castle. Hopefully you can see these photos as they are copies from the newspaper, I'll try to post better ones.
So anyway the real kicker of the story is that Murphy ate Sawyer's roof off his house. No joke. We had tucked the houses out of the way (or so we thought) in the laundry room and the night before Branden noticed that Sawyer house was half-gone. There was not a single crumb! It was as if someone or something had vacuumed up after took us a minute or two before we realized what had happened. Of course Murphy was acting very sheepish. He probably ingested 10 lbs. of candy, royal frosting, gingerbread, etc. We had no time to bake a new roof so we just took it as is w/ a picture explaining what happened. It was a good thing that Murphy didn't touch our castle because I might have taken him to the shelter.
This isn't the first time Murphy has been linked to sweet-eating crimes. In 2006 when we were staying at Kris's house. She was making a wedding cake for Jill (her niece) and 3 or 4 tiers of it went missing. Again, not a single crumb was left but Murphy, Smokey & Gizzy were the only plausible explanations. B and I were doubtful when it happened that Murphy acted alone but we are now believers.
And just the other day, my friend brought over a tub of homemade Alaskan blueberry ice cream, which I put on the back porch (nature's freezer). The next day the lid was off and there was a strange sheen to it and a big, smooth crater out of the center. If you notice the top picture, Murphy has a big tongue.